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Toshiba Business Recovery Plus

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Fabrikant Toshiba
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Fabrikantnummer BRP120EU-V
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Business Recovery Plus

You want to reset your Toshiba system to a special business configuration? With the Toshiba Business Recovery Image, a specially adapted recovery software will be provided for download or on USB stick , including all necessary Toshiba Tools and driver you can easily set up your Toshiba notebook for your personal business needs!

Period - One time use only
Compatibility - Compatible with all Toshiba Products
Purchase Period - Service can be purchased anytime, even if your warranty has already expired
Country Coverage - Available in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom
Limitations - Only available in the country where it was purchased
Availability - Software will be available to download for 14 days after confirmation of the order
Obtain Service - To obtain service, please contact info.professional.services@toshiba.eu
Features - Pre-activated OEM Windows OS including important Toshiba drivers and tools

Technische details
SoftwaretypeElektronische Software Download (ESD)
Compatibele besturingssystemenWindows

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